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A freight broker is someone — it can be an individual or a company — who serves as the middle man or the intermediary between the customer (the shipper) and the transport service provider (the carrier). A freight broker will not actually provide carrier service. Instead, it is the job of the freight broker to help the customer make the best decisions concerning the shipment of his/her goods. how can they do that? simple, they have already established relationships with various carriers, which makes it easy for them to advise the customer on the best carrier service for their particular shipment.

More than just receiving helpful advice, customers can benefit from using the services of a freight broker in several other ways.

A freight broker can help you save time.
Instead of having to do all the research needed to find the most cost-effective way to ship your goods, you can just rely on your freight broker’s extensive information, experience and expertise to be able to make the best choice. That’s just the start. After deciding on your carrier service, your freight broker will be the one to coordinate with them — make bookings, schedule pick-ups, track your shipments — to see to it that your shipment arrives safely and on time. Meanwhile, you can focus on other more pressing tasks like production and marketing.

A freight broker can help you save money.
Because they regularly deal with the carrier companies, freight brokers can negotiate for better rates on your behalf. Sometimes, they even have exclusive deals with some carriers, which may mean lower costs for you.

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A freight broker can help you choose the best mode of transport.
Depending on what type of items you are shipping, your freight broker will advise you on which transport mode will best serve your needs so that your goods will reach their destination safely and in perfect quality condition. If you require different kinds of transportation, your freight broker will help you find a carrier that provides multiple modes of transport so you wouldn’t have to break up your goods into separate shipments unless absolutely necessary.

A freight broker can help with the storage and maintenance of your goods.
When you need to ship larger goods or those that will have to be stored temporarily (typically in a warehouse) before being shipped to their final destination, your freight broker will have the necessary contacts who can help ensure that your goods are stored properly and at the most affordable rate.

A freight broker can help with your documentation.
As a shipper, there are forms and documents that you need to fill out to make sure your operations go smoothly, and that your goods are delivered on time. It’s particularly more complicated when you are shipping goods internationally because it involves additional rules and regulations in relation to customs and immigration clearance. A freight broker knows about this stuff and will help you will all your needed paperwork. Additionally, your freight broker can also help you get detailed reports about your shipping expenses so you can make accurate forecasts about your succeeding requirements.

A freight broker offers flexibility to help address your changing needs.
We’re referring to your changing needs due to fluctuating demands. Whether you need to scale down during lean seasons, or scale up during peak seasons, a good freight broker can help you find the ideal carrier who can provide the service that suits your seasonal needs. So what are you waiting for? Engage the service of a competent freight broker so you can stop worrying about shipping your goods and concentrate instead on worrying about how you can make and sell more of your goods.

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