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When moving perishable items, there’s no other option but refrigerated transportation service. If you’re not yet familiar with this kind of transport service, here are the most essential things you need to know before you go about searching for the perfect carrier for your shipment.

Refrigerated transport means temperature controlled service.

Because items that are transported via refrigerated trucks are presumably perishable, it is imperative that temperature within the truck is maintained at the proper level all the time. This is made possible through the use of thermometers and temperature control systems that should be regularly checked and calibrated to ensure optimal functioning. Otherwise, even just a slight glitch might mean the difference between delivering spoiled goods or high quality goods.

There’s normal refrigeration, and there’s freezing or below freezing. These are not the same. Items that only need to be chilled should be kept at normal refrigerated temperatures while items that need to be frozen should be kept at freezing or below freezing temperatures. Interchanging will result in damaged goods because storing perishable items at the wrong temperature will result in quality deterioration. This also means that items which require different storage temperatures cannot be hauled in the same truck.

A refrigerated truckload company that can maintain proper temperature during the entire transportation process will give you the peace of mind you need because you can rest easy knowing that your shipment will arrive at its best possible condition.

Refrigerated transport pickup and delivery schedules are region-dependent.

Unlike regular LTL carriers that can schedule pickups just about every day, refrigerated carriers only have specific days for pick up and3 the schedule typically depends on the region. For instance, if a refrigerated LTL truck in San Francisco only does pickups during Mondays and Tuesdays, a shipper in San Francisco won’t be able to ship anything from Wednesday until Friday and will just have to schedule pick up every Monday and Tuesday only.

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The same holds true for delivery. That means that if a carrier only delivers to San Francisco on Wednesdays, freight picked up during the previous week will only be delivered the following Wednesday.

Being a shipper of perishable items, you’ll have to fix your pickup and delivery schedule so that it coincides with your chosen refrigerated LTL carrier’s schedule. Unless you are able do this, you might always find yourself facing quality complaint issues because your goods take too long to get delivered that the quality can’t be prevented from deteriorating.

Refrigerated transport is more costly than regular transport.

A refrigerated truck is a specialized truck. This reasonably implies that this type of carrier service is more expensive. The truck itself is more expensive because of the specialized equipment and facilities needed to keep it cool. This extra burden on the truck’s engine and battery also makes it consume more fuel than regular non-refrigerated trucks, which adds further to the cost.

Another factor that contributes to its higher price tag is availability. There’s simply a limited number of refrigerated transport service providers in the country which makes it more costly.

Remember that transporting shipment through a refrigerated trucking service is only necessary if your goods are temperature-sensitive. If your shipment falls under this category and you are still undecided on which carrier to do business with, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you. With our expertise, experience and superior facilities, you can entrust your shipment to us without any worries. We’ll make sure your precious cargo arrives at its destination in its best condition and we’ll give you the most reasonable rates too. Do contact us 800-657-8380 or email us at [email protected] to find more about what we offer or ask for an estimate. We’re always happy to be of service.

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